April Tour Update

I just wanted to share a quick note to wrap up our great day last Saturday. I ordered good weather and it was delivered in sunshine!

Our day started a little earlier than usual on the west side of Murfreesboro at the Kroger parking lot, and as usual Tom brought donuts to be enjoyed off the hood of his car.

Russ Barnes put together another awesome route for the day, and after a short break along the way at the Loves Truck Stop near I-65, we made it to our first destination at the Possum Holler Garage, in Sawdust TN. owned by Max Davis. They’re known for restoring over a hundred pick-up trucks, numerous other vehicles, plus furniture made from car body parts. When asked, he said his couches made from rear end clips start at $ 10K. Needless to say, Cindy didn’t get the one she wanted!

The place was full of all kinds of memorabilia as you can see in the pictures that were taken as well as the largest drivable Radio Flyer Red Wagon that his crew built in one week. He said he is the only one ever licensed to display the Radio Flyer logo.

Max & his wife were the nicest hosts you could ask for and we had the run of the place to look at it all, including the chicken coop out back as well as interacting with the resident black & white turkey that seemed more than excited to see us and definitely very social. The turkey even joined our group picture when Max called him over.

Interesting side note, Max’s neighbor’s house on the next hill over, was the one used in the movie ‘The Green Mile’ in the scenes of the warden’s house, and some other scenes with the character ‘John Coffee’ were shot on Max’s property down by the creek.

After we left Possum Holler Garage; with Max & his wife joining us, we paraded back to Dickson and had lunch at the Farmers Family Restaurant. They were expecting us and even called to check on us earlier that morning. We had an area all to ourselves and if you couldn’t find food on their buffet that you liked, we may never be able to please you!

After putting a dent in the lunch buffet, we started on the last leg of our tour and made our way through the country side to the home and private collection of Lanny & Lois McGowan in Nolensville TN.

Lois wasn’t feeling well enough to join us in the car barn, but some of the ladies that know her, spent some time with her in the house while Lanny showed us his unbelievable collection of old Fords, a few motorcycles plus some other classics.

Mr. McGowan is in his mid-eighties, but you can’t tell it, and that didn’t stop him from telling stories, including histories of some of his cars. He even had tables, chairs, cupcakes, muffins and cold bottled water set up just for us to enjoy!

It was just in the last month that he stopped providing a fully equipped practice facility for girls softball, that’s in the back half of his car barn, which is something he has coached and supported for more than sixty years.

We had somewhere around thirty cars on our drive, depending on when you counted and over fifty people (plus a turkey) also depending on when you counted.

I have to say, that the route that Russ planned was one of our best, and this was the first HR&R tour EVER, where during our visit we saw Chickens, a big proud Rooster, and a beautiful B&W Turkey. Plus on our drive, we saw a large brown bear in a yard that was yard art, but we also saw a live Zebra, a Camel, a few long horn cattle and what we think were Alpacas.

That’s about all I have to tell.

If you joined us, thank you for coming and if you didn’t, you missed another great HR&R Tour day!

We hope to see you at the next HR&R dinner May 15th at Sonic.

In your service…

Rick Jones