Welcome to the Honk, Rattle & Roll Region Chapter

We are defined in the AACA club listing section as a “High Octane, Non-Geographical, Region” of the Antique Automobile Club of America. “The opportunity to tour with similar vehicles is a thrilling experience as our members traverse the nations back roads and long forgotten byways.  It’s like early motoring at its best and provides participants with the chance to go places and see things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to.”  Our activities involve six scheduled events a year.   We travel as a club on five scheduled tours, mainly around the Middle Tennessee area, but some of our members take spur tours to Hershey, PA, Detroit, MI and we are considering expanding our local events to overnight places of interest. Check our events page where we have the schedule for dates posted for each year.  If you like driving back roads – on which they may have filmed “Deliverance” – along with group lunches with new friends and bi-monthly dine-out nights then you are welcome to join us.  Did we mention that we have no club dues?  But for the best event of the year consider attending the BEST Christmas party of the season, you need to also be an AACA Honk, Rattle & Roll member.

Our local tours begin around Murfreesboro, TN and range from 75 – 150mi+ round trip.  We have one tour every other month, starting each year in February.  We recently visited a coach builder who creates two to three multi-million dollar exotic cars a year.  These are the rare specials that you would see at Pebble Beach and traveling car shows in Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, etc.  We also visit local collectors, wineries, parks, historic villages and other sites that our members request.  For local tours we travel roads that are posted at 55mph, or less, for the old iron in the group, and normally avoid the beaten path. We have no car requirements for age, whether a car, truck, cycle, even a trike. We have no judging or scoring, we just want you to travel safely and have fun with our hobby.  We want you to “run what you brung”, with no questions asked.

We have no clubhouse, our elected member Board meets on their own, avoiding the added costs to members.  We have one 30 minute member meeting a year at the annual Christmas gathering, which is held at a members lovely home.  We also have optional bi-monthly dine-out nights at restaurants in the area so we can continue the bonds that friends form.

If you grew up loving “the drive”, normally seeing new scenery, exploring roads that even members who grew up around here never knew existed, seeing collections made up of planes, buses, cars, tanks, and we can find one – boats, then check our schedule, email us that you want to try one and then show up as a guest.

A little more about the drive; our tours are all pre-planned, rehearsed and pre-driven to avoid most hiccups.  We obey all traffic laws and have a lead car at the front of the pack and a chase car at the end that are in contact by cellphone, so if we are held up by anything we don’t get too scattered.  We then slow the front of the pack and re-group.  We pre-visit and schedule restroom stops and have meal stops arranged.  We use limited menus so we can get in, enjoy good food, pay and be out in a reasonable time. That way the day isn’t dragged out selecting special items and waiting for preparation. Along with this, we make the stops before or after the meals so we dine at reasonable times and there are even a few pot-luck meals at member homes. By the way, the chase car has some tools and jumper cables, along with a driver that can fix a Model T Ford.