1957 Ford Ranchero – Greg Marshall

Around 2011 Greg was looking to upgrade his daily driver of 18 years: a 1940 Ford Pickup.  Greg found this 1957 Ford Ranchero which not only had more room but had also been a model of interest for some time.  When he purchased the Ranchero it was white in color with no side trim and had the stock 292 engine.  Since purchase Greg has painted the car and replaced the engine with a 1983 351 with a C4 automatic transmission; most of the work aside from the engine rebuild being done by Greg himself.  This car has been Greg’s daily driver for almost 8 years and get’s lot’s of thumbs-up and waves from passers-by.  The Ranchero is about to undergo another engine swap for a 302 and automatic overdrive transmission as well as get a fresh coat of paint.  Greg’s truck is a fine example of a first-year Ranchero still on the road!

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