1973 Ford Mustang: Mike and Jennifer Barrett

In 1995 Mike Barrett was searching for a 1973 Ford Mustang, particularly one with rally wheels.  With the assistance of Tom Collins, Mike found this car in Red Boiling Springs, TN.

When he purchased the car, Mike noticed that the oil pressure was low, so he removed the oil pan to install a high-pressure oil pump.  When he looked in the pan, he found many pieces of metal including valve stem seals.  He also noticed issues with the thrust bearings while he was inspecting the bottom of the engine and replaced with bearings from another 351 Ford engine.

Mike later drove the Mustang to the Frog Follies event in Indiana and noticed that the car ran hot for the entire trip even under normal driving.  Eventually the engine came to a stop.  Mike found that the distributor had fallen apart on the trip!  The car has run well since repairing the distributor and has been a good driver for Mike and Jennifer.

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