1967 Mustang – Dick Fleener

In the 1980’s Dick picked up this 1967 Mustang 289 fastback to be his daily driver.  For several years this California edition car remained his daily driver until his kids were old enough to drive.  Each of his children drove the car, and each of his kids added a scar or dent to the bodywork; Dick can point out each dent as well as which of his children added it!  Once his youngest son was done with the car, it sat out in the yard for about ten years.  After moving to Tennessee, Dick decided to get the Mustang in working order again.  After considering restoration options, he came to the conclusion that he liked the look of the patina so he left the body as-is.  The body is all original and rust free.  For the most part the car is stock except for a four barrel manifold and an upgraded power steering pump.  Later model seat were added for comfort and the suspension has been lowered by two inches.  While it is not the fastest or best looking in his fleet, the car is one of Dick’s favorite drivers!


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