1974 Plymouth Duster: Greg Faulk and Sally McKay

Greg purchased his Duster in 1993 from the original owner who happened to be his neighbor in Louisiana.  The car had 53,000 miles on it and it was used as a daily driver for some time. The car has a 318 motor with 360 heads and a 268 competition cam.  The car came with a two barrel carburetor, although it now has a Holley four barrel carb along with an 883 four speed transmission from a 71 T/A Challenger.  Outside of an engine rebuild, Greg has done most of the work himself. The car has been repainted using the original lime-green color with the factory vinyl top being replaced with black paint to retain the factory look.  The car is driven frequently with trips to Louisiana, Michigan and Georgia and has even participated in the HotRod magazine Power Tour.  Sally drives the car often and has been accused of having a lead foot when behind the wheel!

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