6/12/2021 H.R.&R. Tour

June 12, 2021 @ 10:45 am – 4:45 pm
Barfield Crescent Park
697 Veterans Pkwy

                    6/12/2021 H.R.&R. Tour

     “In memory of Rick Jones and respect for

       Residents, Medical and Military Service




  • STARTING – 697 Veterans Pkwy – Barfield Crescent Park, off 231S.
  • There will be no doughnuts since we stop for lunch in about ½ hour. If you need coffee or soft drinks for your drive, there is a Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts on 231.
  • We will meet in the first parking lot on your left, about .2mi into the entrance.
  • Meeting time 10:45-11:15, depart at 11:30am. Exit the parking lot to the right, toward Veterans Highway.
  • ESTIMATED times are for rough planning, they depend on time to drive around buildings, traverse traffic and signals and regroup. DO NOT USE IT FOR NAVIGATION.
  • Time permitting, we will do two circles for all the visits.


0.2 mi. – Follow exit road; turn LEFT at SS* onto Veterans Pkwy                               0.2 mi.

2.0 mi. – Follow Veterans; turn RIGHT onto Cason Lane (3 roundabouts)                    – 2.2 mi.

1.4 mi. – Follow Cason; turn RIGHT onto Asher’s Fork Dr                                          – 3.6 mi.

0.1 mi. – Follow Asher’s Fork; turn LEFT into Senior Home #1                                    – 3.7 mi.


This is our first circle; we will enter and drive under the overhang at Creekside at Three Rivers, then circle the building clockwise and exit to the RIGHT onto Asher’s Fork. (About 0.4mi. est time 11:45).


0.1 mi. – Follow Asher’s Fork; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Cason Lane                            – 4.2 mi.

0.2 mi. – Follow Cason; turn LEFT at TL* onto New Salem Rd, Hwy 99                      – 4.4 mi.

1.4 mi. – Follow Hwy 99; turn RIGHT onto Old Salem Rd                                           – 5.9 mi.

0.5 mi. – Follow Old Salem; turn RIGHT onto Rucker Ln                                            – 6.3 mi.

2.2 mi. – Follow Rucker Ln; turn LEFT into Toot’s Parking Lot                                  – 8.5 mi.   


This is our lunch stop.  We called Toot’s with an estimated headcount so they will have tables set up for our group.  They no longer mandate masks, if that makes you uncomfortable you may want to bring your own lunch or carry out to eat in your car or sit by yourself at a separate table.  We expect to arrive around 12:00 pm and depart about 1:00-1:15 pm.  We will exit on the Northside toward Hwy 96 and be turning RIGHT at their SS*.

 0.2 mi. – Follow Hwy 96; turn LEFT at TL* onto Fortress Blvd                                   – 8.7 mi.

0.1 mi. – Follow Fortress (became Medical Center); turn LEFT into Senior Home #2     – 8.8 mi.

 This is our second circle; we will enter and drive through the pass by for Harmony at Victor Station home and first pass the Alzheimer’s loop then continue to the next Overhang and loop counterclockwise for normal nursing home residents, then circle the building and continue to the exit past our drive in to exit to the LEFT at SS* onto Fortress. (About 0.5 mi., est time 1:25-1:45)

 2.9 mi. – Follow Medical Center; turn LEFT at TL* onto Gresham Park                       – 12.2 mi.

0.1 mi. – Follow Gresham; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Wilkinson Pike                           – 12.3 mi.

0.5 mi. – Follow Wilkinson; turn RIGHT onto Willow Oak                                          – 12.8 mi.

0.2 mi. – Follow Willow Oak; turn RIGHT into Senior Home #3                                  – 13.0 mi.

This is our third circle; we will enter The Villages and drive through their overhang and circle the building clockwise and exit to the LEFT at SS* onto Willow Oak (About .4 mi. est time 2:00-2:15)         

0.2 mi. – Follow Willow Oak; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Wilkinson Pike                        – 13.6 mi.

0.6 mi. – Follow Wilkinson; turn LEFT at TL* onto Thompson Ln                              – 14.2 mi.

 Note: as we get to the top of the bridge before Hwy 41, move to the left lane.

 2.0 mi. – Follow Thompson; turn RIGHT onto Royal Dr                                            – 16.2 mi. 

0.05 mi. – Follow Royal; turn RIGHT onto Riverview Dr                                         – 16.25 mi.

 This is a loop for Tom Collins and other members’ neighbors – estimated pass-through time from 2:30-2:45.

 0.8 mi. – Follow Riverview; turn LEFT onto Avon Rd                                                – 17.05 mi. 

0.05 mi. – Follow Avon; turn LEFT onto Stratford Rd                                               – 17.1 mi.

0.3 mi. – Follow Stratford; turn RIGHT onto Byron Ave                                            – 17.4 mi.

0.1 mi. – Follow Byron; turn LEFT at SS*onto London Ave                                      – 17.5 mi.

0.5 mi. – Follow London; turn LEFT at SS* onto Riverview Dr                                  – 18.0 mi.

1.4 mi. – Follow Riverview; turn LEFT at SS* onto Battleground Dr                          – 19.4 mi.

0.1 mi. – Follow Battleground; turn RIGHT onto Bass Ave                                        – 19.5 mi.

0.3 mi. – Follow Ross; turn LEFT at SS* onto Coffee Ave                                         – 19.8 mi.

0.2 mi. – Follow Coffee; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Trinity Dr                                      – 20.0 mi.

0.3 mi. – Follow Trinity; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Jones Blvd                                    – 20.3 mi.

0.1 mi. – Follow Jones; turn LEFT at SS* onto Northfield Blvd                                  – 20.4 mi.

1.1 mi. – Follow Northfield; turn RIGHT onto Eventide Dr                                          – 21.5 mi.

0.6 mi. – Follow Eventide; turn LEFT at SS* onto Huntington Dr                               – 22.1 mi.   

0.1 mi. – Follow Huntington; turn RIGHT onto Hazelwood St                                     – 22.6 mi.

0.6 mi. – Follow Hazelwood; turn LEFT at SS* onto Lascassas Pike                           – 23.2 mi.

0.4 mi. – Follow Lascassas; turn RIGHT onto Gold Valley Dr                                      – 23.6 mi.

100’ – Follow Gold Valley; turn RIGHT into Senior Home #4                                      – 23.6 mi.

 This is our fourth circle; we will enter Rutherford Assisted Living and circle through their overhang and exit out the second drive to the LEFT at SS* onto Gold Valley (About .2 mi. est time 3:00-3:15)         

 100’Follow Gold Valley; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Lascassas Pike                             – 23.7 mi. 

0.6 mi. – Follow Lascassas; turn LEFT at TL* onto Northfield Blvd                             – 24.3 mi.

2.1 mi. – Follow Northfield; turn RIGHT at TL* onto Memorial Blvd                           – 26.4 mi.

0.8 mi. – Follow Memorial; turn LEFT at TL* onto Wendelwood Dr                            – 27.2 mi. 0.1 mi. Go to Dead end and U-turn gather on both sides and wait for everyone to arrive and say “Hi”. 

(About 15 min max est 3:30)    – 27.3 mi.

0.1 mi. When we leave, drive to TL* and turn RIGHT onto Memorial        – 27.4 mi.

100’ – Follow Memorial; turn RIGHT into Senior Home #5                                 – 27.4 mi.

 This is our fifth circle; we will enter Adams Place and circle through their overhangs and circle the building once, clockwise and exit out turning RIGHT at automatic gates EXITING onto Haynes Haven Ln (About .3 mi. est time 3:35-3:55)

0.1 mi. – Follow Haynes Haven; turn RIGHT onto James Dr (becomes Freedom Ct)      – 27.5 mi. 

0.7 mi. – Follow Freedom; turn RIGHT onto Saddlebrook Dr                                       – 28.2 mi.

0.1 mi. – Follow Saddlebrook; turn RIGHT onto Winthorne Ln                                    – 28.3 mi.

0.3 mi. – Follow Winthorne; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Irongate Blvd                            – 28.6 mi. 

0.3 mi. – Follow Irongate; turn LEFT onto Wendlewood Dr                                        – 28.9 mi.

0.3 mi. – Follow Wendlewood; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Haynes Dr                            – 29.2 mi.

0.15 mi. – Follow Haynes; turn RIGHT into the entrance for Senior Home #6                    – 29.35 mi.


This is our sixth circle; we will enter Stones Manor and circle the building once, clockwise, and exit out turning RIGHT onto Haynes Dr (About .2 mi. est time 4:10-


0.15 mi. – Follow Haynes; turn LEFT at TL* onto Memorial Blvd                              – 29.5 mi.

1.4 mi. – Follow Memorial; turn RIGHT at TL* onto Compton Rd                             – 30.9 mi.

0.4 mi. – Follow Compton; turn LEFT (across traffic) into Senior Home #7           – 31.3 mi.

 This is our seventh circle; we will enter TN Veterans Home and drive up the hill and through the overhang.  Once you exit back onto Compton, you are done. (est time to depart about 4:35) It may be difficult to do two circles here, we will play it by ear.


*  Miles and times may vary from your findings. This listing is for guidance only. We obey    all speed limits and traffic controls.


   TL* means TRAFFIC LIGHT, which may string us out, but we will try to go

         slowly after we are all through to regroup.

   SS* means a FULL STOP sign, which may also string us out.


* Phone Numbers:

                 Russ Barnes, front – (615) 330-6930

                 Greg Falk, middle (615) 686-0031

                 Tom Vasser, rear – (615) 776-2853

 If you have any issue and need to pull over, please call one of us to know.  If you have a minor delay, we can watch for you, but a major issue will have one or more of us staying and doing what we can to help.

 Also, if there are suggestions or ideas for future tours please let Rick Jones know.  We want these to be fun events for the majority involved.  If you have feelings about how far we should drive, the times of day, the type of roads, the stops we take, the meal stops, the restroom stops, etc., we are VERY interested in your feedback!

“THANKS” for joining us, HR&R Board of Directors