February Tour Update

H.R.&R. members, PLEASE remember that we need all those who want to take the February 18th tour to the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green to be signed up with me by February 1st.  So far we have 38 people signed up, but we have room for more.  Here are a few other details about the event:

* Guy Wilson is pre-paying for all guests and you do not have to pay him until the morning of the tour.  The Museum insists on prepayment; however they also guaranteed that if we have inclement weather and cannot make the tour they will give us the option of rescheduling or a full refund. Remember the cost is $25 per person, including lunch and special presentations by members of the Museum staff.  And since Guy doesn’t have a credit card machine, please bring cash in correct change if possible on the morning of the 18th.

* Next, for those of you who haven’t been to the website since the tour to Crossville last October, we added a photo of a club member’s car with Ernie and his Hupmobile in the photo.  We believe that by adding a car and driver(+rider) photo we will show potential members that they don’t need a gold plated Rolls Royce to tour with us.  For this first tour we are modifying it a little bit.  Since not everyone owns, drives or has a classic ready to drive, we want to show interested people that we drive all types of cars.  Therefore, starting with this tour we will be posting two photos at the top of the main page.  One will be a 25+ year old car and hopefully the driver and passenger(s) and probably be titled Classics and Collectible Rides, in the same area we will also post a photo of Modern Iron with driver and passenger(s). This will show people that we have some really cool cars of all ages and if you just like the fun from sharing part of a day with us, enjoying the ride and the stop(s); then this club is for you.  To qualify to have your photo taken all you need to do is on the morning of the tour, sign in and get a number for the class you want and we will draw one number from each category.  Then each bi-monthly tour we will draw new names.  Once you are on the page it will be at least a year before you can enter again to allow variety. This is the first time so we will try to do it, so please allow about 30 minutes before we depart for enough time to get the photo while your car is still clean, rather than chancing the weather and doing it at the end. So be there a little early and have your ride “lookin good”!

* Finally, by all means check out the profile pages on the revised website.  Matt Wilson has tweaked it so you can talk about your ride, and if you want – tell a little about yourself plus even paste some photos.  This will let members and potential members search for cars they like so they can ask owners what they think, where to get parts, how they hold up. etc.  We hope lots of members use this to show others the pride this club takes in being a member and the fun of the cars you drive, even if it is a newer one. To date we have 11 profiles representing 21 members, but how about the other 177 of you adding a little about your car (old, new or both) and a little about yourself?  Matt also has the February 18th tour directions, plus a map attached on the website, which we will be doing automatically more and more.  Check out this great site as there is more an more information there for your activities with HONK, RATTLE and ROLL.