Join the Honk, Rattle & Roll AACA Touring Region

You must be a current national Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) member to join Honk, Rattle & Roll.  National AACA annual dues are $40 per year, or $20 for the remainder of the current year if joining after May 31.  Click here if you would  like to learn more about the benefits of AACA membership. 

To join the national AACA, complete the application form and send the AACA dues along with the form (instructions are given within the form).  Click here to open the AACA Membership Application for printing.
New AACA memberships will take a few weeks to process; please send us your membership number when received so that we may update our records.  

Now that you’ve printed the AACA application, click here to proceed to the HRR membership application.