June Tour Pictures

On a very hot June day we began at Tom and Barbara Collins’ “Loafer’s Glory” for coffee and doughnuts and our usual safety briefing. With 13 great cars and 24 attendees, we were off at 9 am. Russ Barnes delivered up yet another fabulous route of approximately 157 miles.

Our first pit stop took us to Truck Stops of America on Peytonsville Road in Franklin, TN. There we spent about 15 minutes with opportunities for snacks, restrooms, and plenty of good parking. It was also a place where everyone could regroup. The second leg of the drive took us to Mt. Pleasant Grill for lunch where a full menu with homemade ice cream awaited us. There were several interesting shops within walking distance of the restaurant, and the small town had much history to tell. The third segment offered another 11 miles to Summertown, TN., where the town hosted a festival of great Bluegrass music under many shade trees.

This trip was somewhat of an experiment for our club. In the planning we wanted to offer a tour that offered members a choice to spend a few hours or an entire day and evening by joining or ending at the segment of their choice. We know that often people want to attend but can’t spend all of their Saturday on the drive. We wanted to add something of interest for those who like to browse in shops, and a new venue of a reasonably priced live concert for those who would enjoy the music. In other words, we tried to have something of interest for everyone as well as a time frame that would work for everyone! Thank you for your support on a very hot day. We all survived the heat and enjoyed the drive.

Looking forward to our next drive,
Robert and Janet Shadoin