October Tour Update

On Oct. 7th the Honk Rattle and Roll club made a low speed tour to Cheekwood with a light drizzle that was not predicted to arrive until after 5pm. However, just as we arrived at our destination the moisture stopped and the sun began to peak out from behind the clouds. From then on for the rest of the day it remained dry. The staff at Cheekwood was very welcoming and pleased to see our group. Not only were we provided with free admission ($20 per person value) but we were also given all access stickers which aloud our members to enter all exhibits and special attractions as we pleased.

It was a special day at Cheekwood with lots of activities in addition to the normal attractions. The beer garden and food trucks seemed to be a favorite of some while tours of the mansion attracted others and strolling through the many beautiful gardens was a destination other chose. There were also lectures and live music to be found on the magnificent property. 

The turnout for this event was not as large as hoped for but the change in date (to accommodate Cheekwood) and many of our members in Hershey helped explain the smaller numbers. We estimated we had 14 cars and approximately 28 people attending. Most of the cars that participated were old iron but the newer cars were also welome. It was a wonderful day and different in many ways from our normal events. As soon as we got our cars parked and on display our group split up into smaller groups which immediately spread out to investigate the beautifully designed and maintained landscape that is Cheekwood.

Mark Qualls and family brought out their amazing 1925 Franklin which was proudly put on display near the mansion. It looked very much at home there. The Qualls even dressed in period correct clothing and looked like they equally belonged amongst the rich and famous of Cheekwood’s history.