Rick Jones

What is your email address?

[email protected]

What year did you join HRR?


Do you have any other family members in HRR?

Cindy Stewart – very significant other !!

What would you like to share about yourself?

Nashville born & raised – Brentwood Tn resident University of Tennessee Graduate – BA Architecture Work for T.W. Frierson Contractor, Inc.
Love all UT sports
Love Titans football

What vehicles do you currently own?

1969 AMX by AMC – American Motors Corporation
2014 Nissan Pathfinder
2010 VW TDI Sport Wagon
1995 Harley Davidson Sportster
1972 Honda CB 450

What has been your favorite car that you’ve owned?

I’ve had the AMX since high school, so how can that not be my favorite !

Do you have a car story to share?

I wrecked my AMX while in college in 1974, and bought it back after the insurance company deemed it totaled. It was wrecked in the front end an in about 1975, I found another one wrecked in the rear end and I bought it from an insurance auction yard after it was totaled. They sat together for a few years and then in 1982, a good friend offered to put mine back together if he could keep what was left over and I said how soon can you start ! Since then it has had many lifetimes, garaged sitting up, then out a while, then back sitting, all while raising children. In about 2008, it came out of the garage, had a bunch of money spent on it and it is now in the best shape of it’s life since new !! I found a lady that loves it as much as I do and together, we enjoy taking everywhere we can !

1969 AMX by AMC
1969 AMX by AMC
1969 AMX by AMC
1969 AMX by AMC
1969 AMX by AMC


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