Tom Collins

What is your email address?

[email protected]

What year did you join HRR?


Do you have any other family members in HRR?

Barbara Collins – Wife

What would you like to share about yourself?

Many people ask what do you and Barbara Collect, it would be easier to tell them what we don’t collect. Collection includes Cars, Toys, Signs, Go Kart and everything else.

Do you have any personal or favorite web sites?

WWW.HRR.AACA.COM – AACA information
Ebay – Cars and Parts
Craigslist – Cars and Parts

What vehicles do you currently own?

1924 Model TT Fire Truck by Boyer / Obenchain
1927 Model T Touring Car
1929 Model A Roadster Pickup Wrecker
1947 Lincoln
1958 Lincoln
1958 Surry Bliss Tiller Steer (we own 2 1/2 of these vehicles which 1 1/2 is for sale)
1950 Train 42′ long
1957 Thunderbird entry level
1957 Thunderbird dresser level
1964 Corvette
1969 Mustang

Modern Iron:
1995 Gulf Stream Motor Home
2014 Ford F 350 Truck
2019 Nissan Murano
2019 Nissan Frontier

What has been your favorite car that you’ve owned?

Our most used car is our 1924 Ford TT Fire Truck that we take to many fund raisers that support our great community.

Tom and Barbara Honored at the 18th Granville Heritage Day
Tom’s 1924 Model TT Fire Truck


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