Victor Torasso

What year did you join HRR?


Do you have any other family members in HRR?

Mary Torasso – Wife

What would you like to share about yourself?

Retired and like to attend both local and national car shows / events. We like to drive most of our cars to these events although a couple always go on a trailer.

What vehicles do you currently own?

1926 Ford Model T
1932 Ford Roadster
1934 Ford Sedan
1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2
1968 AMC AMX
1969 AMC AMX
1999 GMC Suburban
2008 Nissan Titan
2009 Nissan 350Z Roadster

What has been your favorite car that you’ve owned?

Hard to differentiate between the Model T and 2+2. My Great Grandfather bought the Model T in 1935 then gave it to my Dad and I eventually wound up with it. The 2+2 was ordered brand new by my Dad and I instantly fell in love with it and took care of this car starting at a very early age. I drove it through high school and college.

Do you have a car story to share?

If anyone has attended the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Louisville you know that there are usually over 10,000 cars registered and on Saturday afternoon they draw one luck registrant to win a car built especially for this event. I happened to be the lucky one in 2013 and drove home the ’32 Ford Roadster, the ’68 AMX I entered came home on the trailer.


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