March 12 Driving Tour – We Made “Lemonade”

The weather was not the most cooperative this Saturday….  not that we got the 3 to 6 inches that were “possible” according to the forecasters.  But……

we did get enough of a “skiff” of snow that it made the roads a bit less than desirable.

We had a low turn-out at Loafers Glory that morning, but 14 folks enjoyed the hot fireplace, hot coffee and conversations before the decision was made to postpone the Falcon Rest Mansion cruise until a later date.  Hopefully the weather will be much better and more folks can join in for the day!  Perhaps it wall be at a time when the gardens will be in full bloom and glory.

As we were already gathered, we decided to head on over to the Boulevard Bar and Grill for more conversations and lunch.  After a good time there, we all headed on our separate ways.