AACA Junior Judges

Anna and Nathan Courter, children of Anthony and Michelle Courter, completed the AACA Junior Judge Training program at Hershey on Saturday, October 17th.  They did a great job during the event!  See them in action below.

October Tour Update

On Oct. 7th the Honk Rattle and Roll club made a low speed tour to Cheekwood with a light drizzle that was not predicted to arrive until after 5pm. However, just as we arrived at our destination the moisture stopped and the sun began to peak out from behind the clouds. From then on for the rest of the day it remained dry. The staff at Cheekwood was very welcoming and pleased to see our group. Not only were we provided with free admission ($20 per person value) but we were also given all access stickers which aloud our members to enter all exhibits and special attractions as we pleased.

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October Tour Directions

“Cheekwood Is Calling”

Depart at 8:30am – (approx. 100 mi – round trip) 

 MEETING LOCATION – “Legendary Collector Cars Museum” – 4520 Sharpsville Rd,Murfreesboro, TN 37130

There will be a pot of coffee and donuts, plus there is a clean rest room at the meeting location. The next restroom is approximately a 60 minute drive. For those who haven’t been to this collection, come about 7:30 to see their collection and the Mini-Donkeys.  And for those that want a chance to have their Classic/Collectible or Modern Iron photo on the webpage for FOUR months, be there by 8:00 for a photo drawing and a chance to be featured on the site. For those needing directions; from Tom’s warehouse, head S. on 231 for, .3 mi., turn LEFT at TL*onto Compton road.  Stay straight for 5.8mi., the collection is on the right.

 MOST OF THIS TOUR IS 45mph or less, there is a short section on Franklin Rd that is posted at 55, but we will try to hold to a max of 50.

 Dist (mi) Directions Total Mileage
  Turn LEFT out of Fleener’s onto Sharpsville; turn RIGHT onto Leanna  7.4
2.1  follow Leanna; turn LEFT at SS* onto Leanna (Sulpher Sprs)  9.5
3.2 follow Sulphur Sprs; turn LEFT at SS* onto Florence Rd 12.7
2.0 follow Florence Rd; turn RIGHT at TL* onto Old Nashville Hwy 14.7
2.3 follow Old Nashville Hwy; turn LEFT onto Baker Rd 17.0
2.4 follow Baker Rd; turn RIGHT onto One Mile Rd 19.4
1.0 follow One Mile Rd; turn RIGHT at SS* onto One Mile Ln 20.4
.25 follow One Mile Ln; turn LEFT at SS* onto Almaville Rd 20.2
.7 follow Almaville Rd; turn RIGHT at TL* onto Poplar Wood Rd
There are two intersections, turn RIGHT at the second one.
1.2 follow Popular Wood Rd; turn LEFT at SS* onto Rocky Fork Rd 22.1
1.5 follow Rocky Fork Rd; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Rocky Fork Rd 23.6
5.2 follow Rocky Fork Rd; turn RIGHT at TL* onto Nolensville Rd 28.8
.9 follow Nolensville Rd; turn RIGHT onto 910 Oldham Rd, turn RIGHT INTO TWICE DAILY SHELL
RESTROOM STOP (ETA 9:30-45) 30 minute stop 10:00-12:15
1.0 TURN LEFT out of station onto Oldham Rd; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Nolensville Rd.
Turn LEFT from the back side of the Shell station and onto Oldham Rd. There will be traffic, but we have time to regroup.
1.3 follow Brittain Rd; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Waller Rd 32.0
.5 follow Waller Rd; turn LEFT onto Concord Pass 32.5
1.3 follow Concord Pass; turn LEFT at SS* onto Concord Rd 33.8
5.4 follow Concord Rd; turn RIGHT at TL* onto Franklin Rd 39.2
6.0 follow Franklin Rd; turn LEFT at TL* onto Tyne Blvd
Crossing in the Old Hickory Blvd area at TL’s may hold us up, but we will stay right and drive slower for you to catch up.
6.1 follow Tyne Blvd; turn LEFT at SS* onto Belle Mead Blvd 51.3
.6 follow Belle Mead Blvd; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Page Rd 51.9
.1 follow Page Rd; turn LEFT onto Forest Park Dr 52
.3 follow Forest Park Dr; turn RIGHT into Cheekwood Botanical Gardens located at 1200 Forrest Park Dr., Nashville, TN 52.3


  • Admission is free for those that have signed up for this tour.
  • Each is on their own for the return route.
  • THEY ARE EXPECTING US AT 11:00, we need to leave the meeting location ON TIME and the restroom stop ON TIME!
  • Miles and times may vary from your findings. This listing is for guidance only. We obey all speed limits and traffic controls.

AACA Renewal Time

It is that time of year again… time to renew your AACA membership!  Note that the annual dues have increased by $5 to $40.  To renew, you can use the information included in this month’s Antique Automobile magazine, you can call the AACA national headquarters at (717) 534-1910, or you can renew online via the AACA web site store: https://store.aaca.org/customer/account/login/

Please note that your AACA membership MUST be current to be a member of any AACA club, including Honk, Rattle and Roll!


August Tour Update

The August tour was hosted by HRR board member Rick Jones.  We started out on a beautiful morning from club President Tom Collins’ private getaway, Loafer’s Glory.  We then set out on a carefully crafted route that was road tested several times by HRR board member Russ Barnes.  After a gas stop along the route we arrived at our first destination in Manchester where we were amazed at a vast array of collectibles including movie memorabilia, autographed guitars, and many unique collectibles.  There were several buildings containing these collections and it was truly an amazing private collection.

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August Tour Directions

“Fly Away Tour”

Depart at 9:00 am – (approx. 100 mi – round trip) 

MEETING LOCATION – “Loafers Glory” – 3523 Lebanon Pike, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

Tom will have a pot of coffee and donuts, plus there are multiple, clean rest rooms on site.  For those who haven’t been to Tom’s “Warehouse”, come early to see his collection and visit with friends.  And for those that want a chance to have their Classic/Collectible or Modern Iron photo for the webpage and be shown for a couple months, be there by 8:30 for a photo drawing and a chance to be featured on the site for two months.  (For those who will need to know; the restroom stop is approximately a 1 hour drive)


  TURN RIGHT out of Tom’s onto US-231; turn LEFT at TL* onto Compton Rd 0.3 mi.
6.7 mi. – follow Compton Rd.; turn LEFT at SS* onto Halls Hill Rd 7.0 mi.
4.1 mi. follow Halls Hill Rd; turn RIGHT onto Bivins Hill Rd 11.1 mi.
3.0 mi. follow Bivins Hill Rd; turn LEFT at SS* onto Old Woodbury Pike 14.1 mi.
250 ft. follow Old Woodbury Pike; turn RIGHT onto Readyville Street 14.1 mi.
3.9 mi. follow Readyville Street (In .4 miles keep to the LEFT at Y* onto Lassiter Barker Rd ); turn RIGHT at SS* onto Bradyville Rd/ TN-64 18.0 mi.
1.3 mi. follow Bradyville Rd/TN-64; turn LEFT onto Claude Gaither Rd. 19.3 mi.
2.2 mi. follow Claude Gaither Rd; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Burt Burgen Rd.
This road is an old, narrow, bumpy, scenic road with blacktop in the lanes your tires run on. If you pull to right or left there is light gravel. If we meet oncoming traffic (unlikely) we will PULL RIGHT and STOP to avoid stones hitting your car. (LEAVE SPACE BETWEEN CARS)
21.5 mi.
5.3 mi. follow Burt Burgen Rd; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Hollow Springs which changes to Espy (1.1 mi) stay RIGHT at the Y* 26.8 mi.
5.6 mi. follow Espy (changes to Lumley Stand crossing 280); turn LEFT onto Duncan 32.4 mi.
.8 mi. follow Duncan; turn RIGHT at SS* onto TN-53 33.2 mi.
6.2 mi. follow TN-53 ; turn LEFT INTO EXXON gas station
This is our Restroom stop. We will plan on being here from about 10:00 am until 10:30 am. Normally we don’t cross traffic, but this station is newer, cleaner and larger than the other older stations in the area. Remember to give them a little business (gas, candy, coffee, etc) for the nuisance of our tour group stopping by. When we leave here we will not cross TN-53, but drive past the liquor store and turn RIGHT. This is a short lane and there is a TL* where we will turn LEFT onto TN-53. If separated there is enough distance and four lanes so everyone should be able to catch up.
39.8 mi.
1.1 mi. follow TN-53; turn LEFT at TL* onto US-41 40.9 mi.
.3 mi. follow US-41; turn RIGHT just past Coffee City Bank onto W. Main St. 41.2 mi.
.6 mi. follow W. Main St. (changes to Oakdale); turn RIGHT onto Carter St 41.8 mi.
3.2 mi. follow Carter (changes to Cat Creek Rd) (.3 mi. keep to the LEFT at Y* and BE CAREFUL, we have a YIELD * sign) ; turn LEFT at SS* onto Belmont Rd 45.0 mi.
1.1 mi. follow Belmont Rd.; turn RIGHT at SS* onto Old Tullahoma Hwy 46.1 mi.
.8 mi. follow Old Tullahoma Hwy; Turn RIGHT into STOP #1
We will be here between 10:45 and 12:15. There is no restroom in the museum area so USE THE EXXON to the max.
46.9 mi.
5.6 mi. TURN RIGHT out of stop #1 onto Old Tullahoma Hwy; turn LEFT into Damron’s at 714 E Lincoln St, Tullahoma for our lunch break.
This is Stop #2 and we should be there about 12:30-12:45. Lunch is served in the dining area unless we are too large a group and then part of us will be moved into the rear. Meat, Two Vegetables, Drink, Desert, Tip and Tax included $11.00, WOW GREAT. We should plan on pulling out around 2:00-2:15.
52.5 mi.
.7 mi. TURN LEFT out of parking lot onto E. Lincoln; turn RIGHT at 2nd TL* (past the RR Tracks) onto N Jackson St. 53.2 mi.
.4 mi. follow N Jackson St; turn LEFT at TL* onto Wilson Ave 53.6 mi.
1.0 mi. follow Wilson Ave; turn RIGHT at TL* onto TN-130 54.6 mi.
0.5 mi follow TN-130; turn RIGHT into Beechcraft Drive. There is a large parking area at the top of the hill with an entrance on the LEFT. 55.1 mi.


*  Miles and times may vary from your findings. This listing is for guidance only. We obey all speed limits and traffic controls.


   TL* means TRAFFIC LIGHT, which may string us out, but we will try to go slowly after we are all through to regroup.

   Y* means intersection with two choices, follow directions above.

   SS* means a FULL STOP sign, which may also string us out.

If you have any issue and need to pull over, please call one of us know.  If you have a minor delay we can watch for you, but a major issue will have one or more of us staying and doing what we can to help.

Also if there are suggestions or ideas for future tours please let any of our board members know.  We want these to be fun events for the majority involved.  If you have feelings about how far we should drive, the times of day, the type of roads, the stops we take, the meal stops, the restroom stops, etc., we are VERY interested in your feedback!

“THANKS” for joining us, HR&R Board of Directors

AACA Dues changing in 2018

HRR members,

Note that the AACA national dues will be changing for 2018.  At the national board meeting held in Independence, Missouri, the board voted to increase the annual dues by $5.  This change will increase the annual membership renewal from $35 to $40.  Note that this is the first increase in 10 years.  The increased dues will help the AACA to continue to offer great benefits and services amidst the rising costs due to inflation.