July Dine Out Night

Thanks to you, we did it again. We broke another attendance record for Dine Out Night with 71 members and guests. We also had as guests the Great Race team from Central Magnet School.

The weather was good, although a little hot, so we had several old cars show up including the 1953 Pontiac Chieftan of the CMS Great Race Team.

Again, thank you for attending July Dine Out Night this past Tuesday at Camino Real. We enjoyed great food and fellowship and look forward to the next Dine Out Night on Tuesday, September 19, 2017. Details will be sent out at a later date.

Roy and Janet Fulton

Dine Out Night Coordinators

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The Great Race 2017 – Thank You

Honk Rattle and Roll & Friends, Would like to thank all of you who attended the Great Race for your help and continued support of our great club.  Jeremy Byrd has sent us a thank you note for our help to making this activity a success and without question the best planned stop of the race .  SRR region youth continue to be in second place with only 61 seconds to make up in time . Tom & Barbara

Hello Stones River Members, AACA Members, AACA Presidents and Leaders,

I want to apologize if I did not get to say thank you to those of you who volunteered yesterday before I left.  I had to go to Memphis to get the students a head gasket then drive to Bowling Green so that the car could be repaired and we could continue competing.  I cannot express how much I appreciate all of the help.  Mid-Tenn, Honk Rattle and Roll, Battleground, and Music City AACA were all represented at the event, and it shows that we can do way more as a family to further our great hobby when we help each other in times of need.  

I want to challenge each Region to start a student group and get kids involved in the classic car hobby.  The age gap in our hobby is huge right now and I cannot express how important it is to at least try to get youth involved in your clubs.  I love AACA and the people I have met within our organization and do not want to see it struggle in the future.  I am an open book so please reach out and I am more than happy to help anyway I can in helping your club encourage youth involvement.  The time is now, yes it takes a little more time and effort, however I will tell you personally that watching our students roll in yesterday was an amazing feeling of accomplishment that they had made it. Made it home, to the Great Race, and made memories from a once in a lifetime experience that our Region took a chance on a crazy idea of competing in one of the largest road rallies in the US.  You can do it also and make a large footprint in the life of a student that may have never had this opportunity, and impact the future of AACA and the classic car hobby.  I have one more crazy idea and that would be for Stones River Students to be competing in the Coker Tire Challenge or The Great Race against Mid-Tenn Students, Battleground Students, Music City Students, or Honk Rattle and Roll Students.  It might sound far fetched but I promise you that if you try it can and will happen.  Again thank you everyone for your love and support through out this incredible journey.

See you very soon, 

Jeremy Byrd


June Tour – Automotive Memorabilia Collections

Our June 10th tour started at Loafer’s Glory, greeting 52 members with 25 cars with hot coffee and doughnuts. It was a beautiful sunny morning with no rain in site!! (It never rains on a car function)!!!  We started our tour about 8:45 and traveled only a few miles to our first stop. As we toured through the home and garage we saw some very rare gas and oil signs, cans, gas globes and other car memorabilia. Most were very rare if not the only ones known to exist. They have an amazing collection that has taken years to accumulate. Their home is filled with an array of antique furniture and furnishings from their years hunting and collecting antiques.

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Next Driving Tour – June 10th

We have been invited to view two incredible private automotive collections. We will see items that few auto museums have. These collections are not open to the public so they are rarely seen. Below is just a sample of the memorabilia that will be on display for our club.  Don’t forget that there will be donuts and coffee before we set out.  Be sure to enter your ride into the Car of the Tour drawing; if selected your car will be featured on the HRR website home page for two months!  Click here to see the details of the tour

May Dine-Out Night Update

HRR Members,

We want to thank everyone who attended the May Dine Out Night this past Tuesday. We had 63 members attending which is the largest number since I have been involved. The weather was great to break out the classic cars and show them off at Sonic. Being able to sit or stand outside and walk around was conducive to great fellowship and conversation. The management at Sonic was gracious in giving us a 50% discount which made the event both fun and inexpensive. Please support the places that give us good food and service.

Thanks again for attending. We look forward to seeing you at the next Dine Out Night on Tuesday, July 11, 2017. More information will be sent out at a later date.

Roy and Janet Fulton

Dine Out Night Coordinators

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Great American Race 2017

Honk Rattle and Roll has been asked by Stones River Regions President Jeremy Byrd to help Serve and Greet Great American Racers when they arrive in Cannonsburg June 26th. SRR is hosting the Race Day Luncheon , if your interested in volunteering please contact us. The Great American Race 2017 starts in Jacksonville, Florida June 24th and arrives in Traverse City, Michigan July 2nd. Stones River Region has sponsored a High School Team to compete in the X-Cup Category; their Race car is a 1953 Pontiac Chieftain (# 140) and the adult leaders of this activity are Scott & Jenny Culp. Additional details to follow from SRR but you can also visit Great Race web site WWW.GREATRACE.COM

Note of interest: Jeremy & Misty Byrd and Scott & Jenny Culp are also members of Honk Rattle and Roll Region AACA. Great Race has 149 Race Cars Registered for 2017.